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28 Mar 2022

Eircode on Virgin Media

35% of addresses in Ireland do not have a unique name or number and may be shared with at least one other property which can make it difficult to find specific home or business. Unlike other postcodes which identify a cluster of addresses an Eircode is unique making it easier to find the location of a specific address.

This year Eircode are running a national television campaign on Virgin Media channels to highlight some of the key benefits of using Eircode for a range of activities. From booking a service for your appliance, ordering a taxi, or simply finding the location of a friend’s address our new fun animations demonstrate how using an Eircode can solve some everyday problems and find life easier.

For more information about how having a unique Eircode for an address brings many benefits to the general public, businesses, and public services visit our benefits page.

If you need to find an Eircode visit the Eircode Finder, a public website that allows you to search for an Eircode by address or by finding a property on the map. On a smartphone you can also use the Get Directions option to navigate to an address.