Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Having an Eircode provides a number of benefits to businesses and their customers. The following are some of examples of the numerous benefits;

Logistics planning

Logistics planning: being able to optimise routes and delivery schedules

Eircodes are unique to each address, this means it ​is easier to find delivery and pick-up points

Faster & more accurate address capture

Faster and more accurate address capture

Eircodes provide for more reliable addresses: with faster and more accurate address capture whether through websites or call centres


Better data management 

Using the Eircode, organisations can reconcile, combine, clean up and de-duplicate databases that come from different sources  

Risk assessment & fraud detection

Risk assessment and fraud detection

Organisations are able to undertake better risk assessments by building up a better picture of their customers and locations. Improved accuracy for credit checking and checks against other databases or third party databases regarding addresses - subject to and in line with existing data protection legislation


Know your customer: better customer service, sales and marketing campaigns

Providing better and faster customer services based on a customer’s location making them more efficient

New & emerging services; using address data in new ways

New and emerging services; using address data in new ways

The market is evolving all the time producing new or more sophisticated services, which ​can use the new Eircode to enhance offerings

Better planning of services by private & public organisations

Better planning of services by private and public organisations

If the location of address points ​are important to individuals or organisations, then the Eircode can help. Better planning of services provides benefits for everyone

Although the Eircode data products do not contain any personal data organisations are obligated to handle data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and 2003 and the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 and 2015.


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How Will Different Types of Business Use Eircodes?

The benefits of Eircode will vary by service, industry sector and individual organisation for example;

Telecommunications & utilities

Telecommunications and utilities

Core billing, improved operations, fraud management, customer analysis; data management, customer visits, appointments, call centres, network planning

Financial Services

Financial Services

Operational savings, fraud management, customer analysis, marketing support, data management, service planning



Improved operations, data management, service planning, enhanced data analytics



Customer analysis, data management, service planning

Logistics & distribution

Logistics and distribution

Effective delivery and pickups, improved productivity, dynamic routing, improved operations, data management, customer analysis, improved consistency of address information

Sales & marketing

Sales and marketing

Improved market and data analysis, better accuracy of address information