Eircode for your Business

Get Ready for Eircode

The benefits and opportunities for your business or organisation are considerable and the amount of preparation to be done will vary depending on the size and type of your business and the complexity of your ICT systems. The main activities that your business should consider are;

Include your Eircode on your own address

Now that Eircode has launched, you can display your own organisation’s Eircode on your stationery, customer forms, websites and other places where your address is shown. Don’t forget to include your Eircode details in your next print run.

ICT and system changes

 Make sure that your ICT systems can:
  • Hold an Eircode against each address
  • Accept and validate an Eircode
  • Display an Eircode on screen and printed output

Data exchange files

If address data is exchanged with third parties, this may also need to be updated to include Eircode. You should check with the sending/receiving party to determine their plans for including Eircode. Perhaps you want to update your exchange files so that they can accommodate the other party being ready for Eircode.

Software packages

If you use a software package in your business, you will need to check with its supplier as to their plans for when and how they intend to incorporate Eircode into their package.

Encode your database

Depending on your requirements, you may want to assign Eircodes to addresses in your databases now that they are available. For larger databases, services will be available from Eircode Providers to help automate much of this. Alternatively, you can also ask your customers, to give you their new Eircode– either the next time you contact them in person, through a mailshot, or via your website.

New services and opportunities

Examine the business opportunities and improvements that Eircode can offer to your business or organisation. If your business has the expertise to create your own in-house solution and you have the ability to capture your usage, you can purchase Eircode data products directly from Eircode as a Direct End User. Register your interest to be contacted by a member of our Customer Account Management Team and we will send you out the Direct End User Application pack.

Please note: a Direct End User can only use the Eircode Data products for internal use, they cannot sell or share these products or services with other companies.

Alternatively, if you wish to invest in some new software and would prefer to purchase a solution that contains Eircode data, a directory of registered Eircode Providers is now available. These specialist firms can help you with planning and implementing the required changes.

Updated Prepare Your Business for Eircode

To find out more about preparing your business for Eircode download our Prepare Your Business for Eircode Guide.                        Download
If your business has the expertise to create an Eircode solution for other organisations why not become an Eircode Provider or find out more about our products and services. Eircode Provider Application packs are now available by contacting our Customer Account Management Team.

Key Dates

A national public communications campaign will run in early 2015 to raise awareness prior to the Eircode launch in Spring 2015.
To ensure your business does not miss any key information please take a note of our key dates.

July 2014
Programmer Guide & sample data released. Full technical documentation for the Eircode Address Database
Sept 2014
License & pricing released – Recruitment of Eircode Resellers will commence. Businesses will be able to search our Resellers Directory Nov 2014 – BETA data released – ECAD file will be released but will not include Eircodes or Post Town data
Nov 2014
BETA data released – ECAD file will be released but will not include Eircodes or Post Town data
Mar 2015
Full ECAD and ECAF released
Spring 2015
Eircode launch
Jan 2015
Training for Resellers – Sessions on license & reporting admin if required