Unique to Every Address

Most other countries use a code that identifies a group of properties in a small area. Eircode is a much more advanced postcode system, with a unique Eircode for every home and business address which will help everyone find addresses easier.

This provides a number of benefits for householders, businesses and public services.

Unique to Every Address

Accurately Identify an Address

Whether you’re frustrated with deliveries never reaching your address, or having to give directions to taxi drivers and visiting relatives, your home’s unique Eircode will help accurately direct parcels and people to your front door.

Accurately identify where you live

Eircode brings many benefits

  • Allow delivery and service companies to accurately identify addresses so your deliveries get to the right location
  • Make it quicker and easier for medical emergency services to locate addresses
  • Make it quicker and easier to shop online
  • Help to develop Irish businesses and
  • Facilitate better planning and delivery of public services
Having an Eircode will mean

Eircode for Businesses

Businesses will find many benefits from the introduction of Eircode, including;

  • Improved logistics and distribution planning – an Eircode will accurately identify delivery and pick-up points, this is particularly useful for the 35% of addresses in Ireland without a name or number
  • Used to more effectively plan and provide essential services within communities such as social education, housing and health services
  • Providing better and faster customer services based on a customer’s location making them more efficient 
  • Faster and more accurate capture of address information

Find out more about how your business can get ready for Eircode and use it to your advantage.