What gets an Eircode

A Unique Eircode for Every Address

An Eircode is unique to your house, not to you, so if you move home, you will not take the Eircode with you.

What will get an Eircode?

Generally all postal addresses that currently receive mail ​have been assigned an Eircode. For example:

Residential addresses:

  • Each house on a street
  • Each flat in an apartment block
  • Each house in a rural townland
  • Both units in a duplex unit

Business addresses:

  • Office building
  • Factory or warehouse
  • Shop, hotel, bar or any business premises
  • Health centre, hospital or any public building
  • Each unit in a shopping centre
  • Each unit in a business park or industrial estate

You do not need to apply for an Eircode, Eircodes are assigned to all official postal addresses.  If you have a new postal address, you will receive a letter to notify you of the Eircode for that address. Find out more about getting an Eircode here

You Do Not Need to Change Your Address

You will not need to change your address, the Eircode is simply added to the end of your address. The use of Eircode is not mandatory, however it is likely that organisations will ask you for your Eircode, especially those delivering goods or services to your address.