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16 Jan 2023

Find Life Easier in 2023

One of the many benefits of Eircode is that although an address may not have a unique name or number the Eircode is unique, thus helping someone travelling to the address identify the correct location faster.

As we start to consider the year ahead the hope is of course that there will be no requirement for emergency repairs to your property. However, when time is of the essence, and you need a tradesperson for an emergency call out remember that an Eircode can help cut down on lengthy directions and help them find the exact location of your home.

If you have been saving hard to add some home-improvements to your to do list for 2023  you might have multiple trades calling to your property this year. We all know that taking calls to give complicated directions while you wait for everyone to arrive and start the job is something that you want to avoid. Make sure you give your Eircode with your address to help them locate your house to help prevent any unnecessary delays.

As a tradesperson first impressions count and getting to a location on time and without complications is important for your reputation. If your customer is relying on you to arrive at a certain time, they really don’t want to be taking calls to give complicated directions.

This year make asking for an Eircode part of booking a job and then it’s as simple as popping it into your smartphone using Google or Apple Maps or the Eircode Finder for directions and route options. A happy customer is a likely referral for more work.

Visit the Eircode Finder if you need to find your Eircode or if you need to get directions to the location of an Eircode.