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09 Jan 2023

Eircodes are used by the National Ambulance Service and can help them find your address in an emergency situation.

A Public Service Announcement is currently airing on RTÉ television and radio as a reminder that using your Eircode in an emergency situation can help the National Ambulance Service find you faster.

Since August 2016 the National Ambulance Service has been using Eircodes to help make it quicker and easier to locate an address in an emergency. Typically, in rural areas a large number of addresses are non-unique (they have no house name or number) and getting to them without an Eircode can be a real challenge requiring detailed and lengthy directions.

Providing an Eircode with an address provides the Emergency Call Taker and Emergency Medical Dispatcher with valuable information which helps them identify the property swiftly and accurately. 

For anyone who needs assistance in finding their Eircode please use the online Eircode Finder, contact us at or phone us on 0818 300 005 or view our FAQ’s for more information.