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07 Sep 2020

Eircode collaborate with the National Guild of Master Craftsmen

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Eircode are partnering with the National Guild of Master Craftsmen in Ireland to highlight the benefits of using an Eircode when booking a tradesperson. Eircodes help customers provide their location easily and help tradespeople find them easily.

The National Guild of Master Craftsmen has over 7,500 members providing over 100 different trades. Already, many members of the National Guild ask customers for their Eircode when booking jobs, and this number continues to grow. According to consumer research by Eircode in 2019, 94% of households use their Eircode and 29% used it when booking a tradesperson. This is double the number of people who used an Eircode when booking a tradesperson in 2018.

Eircode and the National Guild of Master Craftsmen in Ireland want to increase the use of Eircodes for call-outs as communicating an address location accurately is of great benefit to both the tradesperson and the customer. 

Using Eircodes allows tradespeople to get clear directions and reach the addresses in a timely manner. And Eircode is also of benefit to customers as it avoids confusing directions, especially in the case of non-unique addresses, which account for one third of households in Ireland. It is important, therefore, for customers to have their Eircodes to hand when booking a tradesperson. 

Speaking about the merits of using Eircode, Pat Doyle, CEO of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen said “From a tradesperson’s point of view, the use of Eircode is important as the majority of households like to know the exact time their tradesperson will arrive. The customer has taken time-off to accommodate the tradesperson, so it is important to both parties that delays be avoided. Having the Eircode can help the tradesperson find the location and avoid delays.”

Providing an Eircode is extremely useful in order to keep the tradesperson on schedule and for the customer to receive a timely service.