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02 May 2019

Irish Consumers Embrace Eircode

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A research study, commissioned by Eircode and carried out by Amárach Research, revealed 72% of Irish households have used their Eircode with 70% using the system for online shopping.  Before Eircode was launched, a third of Irish households did not have a unique address, now with an Eircode, all do and 87% of householders either know their Eircode or have it to hand.

Eircode is especially beneficial for organisations delivering goods or services. Interestingly 62% of householders use their Eircode when arranging deliveries or visits from trades-people providing services such as plumbing or electrical repairs. The most common deliveries are online shopping 53%, take-away 17%, white goods 16% and online food shopping 16%.

Alan Dignam, Commercial Director, Eircode, said: “Eircode is a solution that connects us and makes our busy lifestyles more efficient.  We are all increasingly tech-savvy and are becoming more familiar with ever-changing technology.  Consumers of all ages, expect and use helpful advances like Eircode that make life easier”

Positively, 69% of those surveyed find Eircode useful, 76% know that it’s a unique code for each house and almost everyone, 96% of householders, have heard of Eircode. Eircode is most often used by householders for online shopping 70%, sending letters or packages 63%, and finding locations with Google Maps 20%. Usage of Eircode is 50/50 male/female with usage at 81% among 18-44yrs and 63% 45yrs+. Across Ireland usage of Eircode is 74% in Dublin, 73% in Leinster and 71% across Munster, Connacht and Ulster.

Please click here or on below image to view Eircode HH Research Infographics.