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24 Nov 2017

Eircode Brings Irish Cyber Monday into the 21st Century

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Caption: The Eircode Team, at Trinity College Dublin, where the first ever Irish internet connection was made in 1991, highlights that Eircode can help deliveries to arrive accurately at destinations when people order online this Cyber Monday. 

November 21st 2017:  Gone are the days when individuals had to enter the zip code of a once well-known TV show to get through the registration system of an online seller.  How many people used 90210 on their online form, to ensure a required field wasn’t left empty?  This Cyber Monday November 27th, many online forms can be easily and quickly completed using an Eircode, giving online sellers and delivery companies greater efficiency in accurately locating addresses throughout Ireland.

An Eircode is made up of a 7 character alpha-numeric code consisting of a three character Routing Key plus a four character Unique Identifier - a typical Eircode might read A65 F4E2.  The Routing Key represents a geographical area which is based on the principal postal districts.  The Unique Identifier is drawn from a carefully selected set of letters and numbers that identify each individual address.

The Irish digital economy is worth €12.3bn, or 6% of GDP, and Irish consumers spend €850,000 per hour online.  The largest single contributor to the internet part of the economy is online consumer spending.[1]

Liam Duggan, MD, Eircode, said:

A recent report found that 7 out of 10 of the online shoppers surveyed, knew their Eircode. The majority of them also saw Eircode as a way to make online shopping easier and deliveries more reliable.[2] This Cyber Monday when people are availaling of online discounts, Eircode will make life that little bit easier for companies shipping goods, and purchasers alike. Using your Eircode will help get deliveries right to your door, even if you don’t have a house number or name.” 


[1] 1The full text of Indecon's Assessmentof the macro-economic impact of the internet and digital on the Irish economy, are available at

[2] Allies Computing Report, Oct 2017