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15 Aug 2016

Geographic addresses

  • Geographic-Address
Eircode have recently updated their website to include both postal and geographic addresses.

There is no one official address for any location in Ireland. Many addresses exist for each location: geographic, postal, electoral, historical etc. Upon launching, Eircode chose to use the postal address to ensure accurate delivery of all notification letters. However, the postal address isn’t always the format that people are most familiar with, so Eircode have added an additional address format to the Finder tool on their website – this is the geographic address.

What is a Geographic address?
This is an address that describes the physical location of an address point using geographic details such as street / road names, townlands / areas / cities, and county details.

What is a Postal address?
This is the address that is created and assigned by An Post and recommended for the purpose of mail delivery. Postal addresses may include a post town or county that is not part of the geographic address as it is based on the route mail travels to arrive at the location.

You can continue to use the preferred version of your address. To use the Eircode just add it to the last line of your existing address. Using the Eircode with your address will help to identify your exact location. Check any Eircode location on using our Finder tool.