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28 Jul 2016

Data Protection Commissioner

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In response to a number of queries in relation to personal data and the new Eircode database, an agreed protocol was developed jointly between Eircode and the Data Protection Commissioner office in 2015.

This involved the development of a detailed Code of Practice and as set of FAQ’s designed to resolve issues as speedily as possible around the concern of specific names appearing on the database, incorrect spelling and incorrect identification of townlands. This initiative has has significantly assisted the general public and has benefited the smooth uptake of Eircode across the Country.

Extracts from the ‘Data Commissioner’s 2015 Anual Report’ Published June 2016
The Office also dealt with many queries in 2015 about personal data in the public sector. A number of these arose in relation to the Eircode database – from individuals whose names were included alongside their Eircode and were available on the Eircode Finder. A limited number of queries were also received regarding incorrect spelling and allocation of townlands associated with Eircodes. Capita, the Postcode Management Licence Holder, worked with this Office to develop a mechanism, in the format of a detailed Code of Practice and a set of FAQs, to help resolve these issues. The volume of queries the DPC received around this project underlines the extent of the testing required where personal data of individuals may be processed.”