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01 Jun 2016

New App Utilises Eircode

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The introduction of Eircode continues to create myriad opportunities for Irish businesses and individuals alike to find life easier.  

Autoaddress has launched a free Eircode app available now for Apple and Android devices.  Completely free to use, this app is a solution for delivery drivers, sales people, service engineers and the general public to accurately locate properties and get directions using Eircode. 

You can find and share any Eircode, access maps, directions, deliveries and more using the app.



Do people have difficulty finding your address? You can use the app to save your Eircode and share easily by SMS, email, or any messaging app.  The receiver instantly gets the address, distance and travel time estimate from their location, and can use any navigation app on their phone (e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom) to get accurate directions direct to your door.


You can use the app to get accurate directions for difficult to find addresses with Eircode, save your deliveries, store contact phone numbers and other useful information.  The app assists in optimising your route by arranging your deliveries in the most efficient order.  You can record your successful delivery (or if you were unable to deliver) saving the time of day and distance from the delivery location for verification and you can get a Delivery Zone BETA code for each address that allows you to manually sort items and load your van.


About Autoaddress
aa-logo-news Founded in 2000, Autoaddress is ​a supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland.  ​They are Eircode Approved Providers and Eircode Accredited Encoders.  Autoaddress provides solutions to customers from diverse sectors including Government, Telecommunications, Retail, Insurance, Financial and Healthcare to effectively manage their address capture and cleaning requirements.  

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