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23 Jun 2014

West Cork Times

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An Eircode will identify an individual address - rural or urban - and help show exactly where it is located, when people receive their Eircode next year they will not need to change their address; they will just add the Eircode whenever it is needed or useful, so it will be very easy to start using it straight away.
Each Eircode has seven-characters that are unique to each mailing address. The seven characters are divided into two parts - a Routing Key and a Unique Identifier.
The Minister also launched the Eircode website, where further information on the design of the code is available.
West Cork Labour TD Michael McCarthy said "Ireland is the only country in the EU and OECD that does not have a national postcode. The new system will be up and running in spring 2015 and I am confident that it will lead to more modern, efficient and reliable postal system while also assisting in the provision of private and public sector services in the local area.